Event: Benson Tan @ The Office Pub

Benson Tan @ The Office Pub

I had the pleasure of being again invited to watch Benson Tan and his band partner Paul perform, this time at The Office Pub in Api-api Centre, Kota Kinabalu. Although there are only two of them in KK instead of the full band, they still rocked the house. Benson had some minus-one music in his laptop and Paul add the rest of the filler and solo guitars in the music. I absolutely went ape-crazy when they performed one of my most favourite songs, Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynrd. Those guitar riffs of yours really are absolutely amazing Paul!! Below are more photos of them while performing their set. Most of it is in B+W because I just love the feel it gave to the photos.

Benson Tan @ The Office Pub
The tattoo on Paul's arm. I should have asked him what it meant.

Benson Tan @ The Office Pub

Benson Tan @ The Office Pub
I just love that semi-circle of light framing Paul's profile.
Benson Tan @ The Office Pub

Benson Tan @ The Office Pub
Cheers to The Office Pub!!

Benson Tan @ The Office Pub
This is one of my fave from the set.

Benson Tan @ The Office Pub
Even Stephen (owner of The Office Pub) got in on the action.

Benson Tan @ The Office Pub
A shot of the boys. Also another fave simply because of Stephen's expressions in this group photo.

A shot of me and the boys. Yup, I was pretty stoked up.. LOL!!


chegu carol said...

baru sia notice, ada beauty mark pula si paul tu kan sana dkt mulut dia hehe

Kris and Nadia said...

uinah, mmg gmbr ko smua hebat2 woo.. gmbr majalah pun kalah woo.. :) thumbs up

Perry R. Lim said...

I think the words "degero in modo" means to "live in the present" or something like that.

That tattoo is the best of the bunch I think.

From D'Gurl Herself said...

or maybe danger in mode ;)...just guessing hun

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