Wedding: Gerard + Renee

23rd & 24th October 2010
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu
Putera Theatre Ballroom, Bukit Padang
Make-up: Jeffie Humphrey
Video: Bryan Kouju


Gerard and Renee was such a lovely couple. Their wedding was quite a family affair whereby the members of their family all gave a lending hand in one way or another to organise/execute the wedding. Shows how much love is filled in their families. Just by being in their proximity, I could also feel the love flowing through me which is always a good thing cos' love gives me good feelings and good feelings gives me good pictures. Here are some favourites of mine from their wedding.











































Gerard and Renee's wedding marks the closing date of my wedding photography for the year 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of shoot that I've done this year. I feel that I have grown quite a bit as a wedding photographer and the experiences gained also left me with some points to ponder for my shoots in 2011. Overall, I think its quite a successful year for me this year as a part-time wedding photographer. As for the leap to turning full-time, I think it is still quite a way off before I could make that jump.. but who knows right?? I hope every one enjoyed all the photos I've shot this year and here's to another exciting and fruitful year in 2011.

Wedding: Benson + Kellie

10 October 2010
Brisbane, Australia
Indooroopilly Golf Club
Gown: Vera Wang


This is a milestone in my photographing experience!! The wedding of Benson and Kellie in Brisbane, Australia marks the first wedding I've ever shot outside of Malaysia. And what a wedding it was. The whole experience was so new to me and though I've read about weddings in the Western countries all the time from all my favourite wedding photographer blogs, it just doesn't beat the real thing. To say I was excited about shooting this wedding is a total understatement. I was completely exhilarated and happy-nervous at the same time. Benson and Kellie planned to have a garden wedding by the lake which would have totally rocked. Unfortunately, it was just raining non-stop in Brisbane so they had to use Plan B which was to have the ceremony done indoors. Still, it was a beautiful wedding and the although the weather was rather gloomy, it didn't dampen the spirit nor festivities of the occasion even one bit. My favourite part of the reception will be when they started the entertainment for the night. Benson being a musical performer (singer) had all his equally talented friends perform and they just rocked the house. I mean it was like a concert! I've never shot so furiously at a wedding before and by the end of the night I was just drained... but would be happy to do it all over again if there is ever another opportunity. 

Benson and Kellie made for a really beautiful couple and I really thank you both for all your graciousness and hospitality while my being in your care. A special shout-out to Benson's sister, Sharon for being my wingman and Uncle Tony for taking care of me throughout my stay in Brisbane. There are so many photos that I love from this wedding but I've shortlisted them to my most favourite 'favourite photos'. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.



























































I hope you enjoyed those photos. There are just too many to choose from and I love just about all of them. Come back soon for more photos of beautiful people getting married. See ya!!