Live-test: Raymond & Charleys' Reception

After Raymond and Charleys' wedding mass at St John Tuaran, we proceeded to Pekan Nabalu in Kundasang for their wedding reception. Since the house is on a hill, there are very limited parking spaces available. So we decided to park our rides near the kedai and walk up the hill.

So we walked, happily enjoying ourselves and looking forward to climbing the hill.

And we walked, some doing their best impression of "Sex and the City" Kundasang style.

Till we got to the climbing part. Ampus juga la panjat.

The simple yet elegant wedding cake.

Comparing angpow to give to the newlyweds.

Cake cutting ceremony

Dad: Mmmm... wine.. glug glug glug...
Mum: Eeeewww... wine...
Ray: Antam ja bah minum...

First sumazau dance as a married couple

That's all the photos I could share so far. Hope you guys enjoyed it.
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