Fharelynne: The White Series

I had the opportunity to shoot the beautiful Fharelynne Ivonne with a group of photographer friends. I bet if you look closely, those who are living in the Penampang area will immediately recognise the location of the shoot. It was a really hot day and the sun was blazing down but Fharelynne is such a trooper and never fail to smile or pose for us or even lie down on "lalang gatal" (kesian bah, gatal-gatal terus her belakang). I must give my sincerest appreciation to Fharelynne's professionalism. We had a lot of fun going in and out of the culvert. I even had half a mind to ask Fharelynne to climb on top of one but dismissed the idea cos I think it would be too dangerous for her. I divided this set to three FIVE series. This is the first of the series which is the White Series and here are some of my favourite shots. (Click photos for larger view)

Look out for the next two series in future postings.


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