Filipine Jailhouse "Thriller" Remake

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with photography but I've been going through a sea of MJ tributes all over the internet since his untimely passing a couple of days ago. Many were real tear-jerkers and some were really hardcore. This video I found however, just really proves that MJ is truly universal not only by crossing boundaries but also through social divide between who we consider the "good people" and the "bad people".

The prisoners of a Filipino jailhouse re-created the Thriller dance sequence in honour of MJ and I must say they are really good and it touched me more than any of the other tributes that I've seen. But that 'pondan' character really cracks me up... ROFL!!!


JPP Papa said...

MJ is the King and the legend. near to everyone in this world loves him and try to emulate either his character or his dance.

love or hate it, he's still the best and no one can replace him. to the philipino prisoners... well done!! the pondan cracked me loud and clear.. hahahaha.

Thanks for sharing this Alvin. Appreciate it much. Only by tomorrow i will start my normal blogging - tribute to the King!

sorry for the long words... i'm a bit emo when comes to MJ :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yeah, seen this one before. AWESOME!

chegu carol said...


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