Family Portraiture: Dr Paream and Family

What a sweet family!!! I just love them to bits. Dr Paream called me the week before telling me how she loved the family portraiture I did for Deana and her family. She asked whether I would be able to do a portraiture session for her and her family as well. But it had to be done as soon as possible because next week, the whole family would be flying to KL. Usually, I would hesitate shooting on such a short notice especially when I have not had the chance to meet my clients personally and discuss the details with them. On this occasion, I decided 'Oh.. why not, it might be fun'. We made a brief discussion about the details of the shoot over the phone and immediately set a date for the shoot. I must admit I was quite nervous about the shoot but the moment we got together everything just fell into place and the session was such a joy!! I also had the good fortune of having my cuzzie Perry (thanks a million bro!) assisting me on this shoot since the Wifey is off the the World Rainforest Music Festival in Kuching. Below are a selection of our fave images of the day.

Ashlin is such an adorable sweetie!!

Handsome and energetic Ashvin

I just love watching them together. There is always this feelgood feeling...

Check out the Koi fishes in the pond where we were shooting. Isn't it totally awesome!? It was a totally good omen for me. :D


KaDusMama said...

wah..wah!!! macam tau2 saja the fish mau posing for you kan??? nice shots suma!! :)

Kris and Nadia said...

I have to agree your works r totally amazing :) Annie slalu puji ko pya works, she really admire ur works :)

ALTing said...

kadusmama: so amazing kan tu ikan berenang formation!!

kris/nadia: thanks very much!! :D

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

tus c nad pun tersangkut suda sama ko punya photography alvin.. wahaha..

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