CSP Mini Photography Workshop

About a month ago, my mentor (I say this because he is a mentor to me), George Yong of Jofanna Bridal, asked me to assist him with a mini photography workshop for beginners which was held last Sunday. The venue of the workshop was at Jofanna Bridal, Millennium Plaza just off the Penampang-KK Bypass. The turnout was very good and some of the participants are bloggers that I instantly recognised such as Massy and Edgar!! I just knew that it was gonna be a fun day. Besides assisting George with the workshop, he also tasked me to photographically record the day's progress. I happily agreed (anything that gets me clicking away on a camera makes me happy) :D.

The participants got lots of information about handling and using the functions of their cameras, hot tips from the pro (George), posing techniques, lighting techniques, fun, laughter, etc. In fact, I myself learnt some pretty useful techniques from this workshop and it was also a great refresher course for me. Thanks very much George for asking me to assist you for this workshop. I even got a special prize from him, my "Potret Mistik" which is now my Facebook profile pic!! I super love it!!! Below are some photos from the workshop.

Learning lighting techniques.

Our Nikon group model, Serena.

How to pose a female subject.

Concentration and a tad confusion... hehehehe...

The lovely Jofanna @ Nana

Radzie was assisting as well.

Learning to pose a male subject

Lotsa fun and laughter :D

My super-duper "Potret Mistik"!! Total coolness!! Thanks a million George!!

It was a great workshop!! Had a fun day!!


cindy said...

wahh sioknya! but if i were in kk, maybe sia indak pigi ni coz malulah.. own a dslr but know nothing about it. :P

by the way, cool photo of you! :D

Unknown said...

that's the reason you MUST attend workshops like this so that you know how to handle ur dslr..

yes!! that potret mistik is waaayy coolness!!! XD

Caneeliea said...

love the last pic! So cool! how come i didn't know about this pula lah.. so kesian eh..

Unknown said...

hmm... i think it was quite low key bah... all the participants from the Click Start Play (CSP) punya group/forum... it was fun-ness larr... :D

cicak said...

Sangtik oh tu potret mistik. Very mistik indeed.

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