Hairul & Emily: Pre-Wedding Portraitures

Location: Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort and Spa, Kundasang
                 Desa Cattle, Mesilau

It was wet,it was raining, it was cold, it was windy but by God we are gonna gave some awesome photos and we did!!

Hairul & Emily_0015

Hairul & Emily_0036

Hairul & Emily_0037

Hairul & Emily_0057

Hairul & Emily_0067

Hairul & Emily_0072

Hairul & Emily_0082

Hairul & Emily_0092

Hairul & Emily_0098

Hairul & Emily_0108

Hairul & Emily_0112

Hairul & Emily_0125

Hairul & Emily_0130

Photos of their wedding coming soon in the next post. See ya guys!


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