Wedding: Sheila + Don

30th April 2011
St Francis Xavier Cathedral
Bride's residence, Keningau


Yes, I should have posted this sometime about 2 weeks ago. But things got kinda hectic during the past couple of weeks and this post got delayed.. despite my promise during my previous post. Yes.. my pants are on fire. Anyways, hope you guys will enjoy this fave photos from the bunch.


































Unknown said...

Alvin pictures are awesome :) you really captured the moments :) Ahh sheila n don must b so pleased

Dolly MJ said...

nice o!

Unknown said...

thank you very much guys!!

Anonymous said...

love your work busku! - Jude@blugu -

Anonymous said...

So nice Alvin... Very Like It!!... Jose...

Unknown said...

thank you!! glad you like it.

sHeiLa said...

if everyone like those, what to say for both of us mr.and mrs alvin!

thank you so much for being part of the 'team' during the day! awesome pix..couldn't stop my smile everytime saw the pic :)

Unknown said...

Hey sheila! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the festivities during your wedding. Well, we're all practically family bah kan. I really appreciate your confidence in my photography work. Thanks so very much again.

Kris and Nadia said...

Thumbs up :) punya cantik tu gmbr2 smua.. sya pun tsenyum oo tgk :)

Unknown said...

Trima kaseh pn. Nadia! :)

Vienne said...

Nice oo all the pic~Good Job~

sHeiLa said...

alvin..yerpp..practically kalau dilihat tu liku-liku family, ada menyangkut la ba juga kan? hihkihkhihk

Mouren said...

I'm with Sheila and Nadia...smiling too!

To Sheila; Moi, punya cantik kasut 'emas' ko tu hehe!

Anonymous said...

Hi, alvin. needless to say, your pic are awesome. Love it! :)
i saw one pic that i really like, and i want copy it? May i? :)

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