Wedding: Yong + Lenore

18 September 2010
Sacred Heart Cathedral
Sacred Heart Parish Centre
Kg Sugud, Penampang
Beverly Hills, Penampang


I was really honoured when Lenore asked me to be her photographer during her wedding to Yong. Lenore knows and understands photography because she is a photography enthusiast herself. So I do feel that tinge of nervousness as the day approached for her wedding. What I was really glad was that she works as an event organiser and she had her wedding organised to the tee and she constantly communicated with me on the development and changes in the event. In the end, it became a beautiful wedding with so much laughter, it truly reflects weddings to being one of life's joyous occasions. Lenore and Yong were clearly nervous at first but as the ceremony went on, they settled down and soon their most giving and happy personality just burst out of them both. You could feel all the love enveloping over everyone at the small and simple but most lovely reception they held at the Parish Centre. Here are some of our favourite images for the day.



















































I hope everyone enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed creating them. Stay tuned for my next posting. It's my first destination wedding job in Australia and do I have some fabulous images for you to look at. See ya soon..!!


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Cantik oh Alvin.. I like those photos! Especially yang durang kiss @ d church, ada peace di kepala tuna satu tanak wagu. Hehehe..

M SIBAT said...

Great pics! :)

ALTing said...

Annie: Wahaha.. thanks! sia pun suka dat photo..

M SIBAT: Thank you very much!!

Lenore & Chen Leong said...

U know what, u uploaded it at around almost mid night and i too was awake and i was SooooOOOOOooooo stunned and happy to see all the pix..until i cannot sleep ah!!!!! But it was all worth it and we LURVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it to bits!!!!!! A friend of mine even almost cry seeing it & another say that u managed to capture our personality in it. Thank u so much again & again and keep up the good work! Will surely recommend u to others!

ALTing said...

Lenore: it was indeed a privilege to be able to capture all the best moments during your wedding. i enjoyed myself and truly appreciate all the hospitality that your families have extended to my wife and myself..

Lenore said...

yep and i forgot to mention that u uploaded it just in time for/on 18/Oct..which was like a month anniversary! Yippeee!! Glad u & Carol had a great time!!!

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