Pre-Wedding: Ivan & Diana

24 July 2010
Kinarut & Kota Kinabalu
Hair & Make-up: Wedie Aning of DD's Salon
Wardrobe: Couple's own

001 copy

Okay, this is one of my most exciting shoots so far. The reason for this toe-curling excitement is due to two reasons. One, this client couple of mine flew all the way from KL to KK over a July weekend only for this shoot. Two, they want the whole photo series in black and white! Monotone! No words can express how much I love this client of mine. Sigh... 

Ivan & Diana was up for anything. Get them to stand in front of a tamu crowd in Kinarut, get lovey-dovey in a coffeeshop, stand-still even when a cute puppy threatens to ruin a pose... ANYTHING. They are the best. And this made for some really kick-ass photos. Very purrrrdy. Below are some selections of my favourites.



002 copy


003 copy



004 copy


006 copy

005 copy

007 copy
See that logo beside the WhiteRoom signage? That is Ivan and Diana's personalised logo. And no, it was not there when we took this shot. I had to insert the logo during post-processing. And believe me when I say, that is about the most photoshopping I've ever done in my life. My wrist is still straining from trying to manipulate the mouse to place the logo. Glad it turned out ok though. SMILES.


Ok, so I couldn't resist having some colour photos in the mix cause some of the images are just screaming for some colour. How can I resist?

008 copy


The ring shot for the closing is quite appropriate I reckon. As for Ivan and Diana, hope you guys will have the most wonderful upcoming wedding. Just wish that I could be there to witness the joy and happiness. All the same, I wish the both of you all the joys and happiness in your marriage to each other and my heartiest congratulations to the both of you.

As for you folks, hope you enjoyed the photos and stay tuned for more upcoming wedding photos coming soon. Till then, stay beautiful everyone...


Mimi said...

Great job Al!! This is so far the best pre-wedding shot here! Gives me goose bumps literally!

sHeiLa said...

uUuuuu..lawa! cannot wait for my turn! heheee

cicak said...

good job mr Alvin. very inspiring :)

ALTing said...

Mimi: thanks very much... really appreciate the kind words..

Sheila: sabaaaarrr.....

Cicak: thanks gings... i'm glad you feel inspired by my work..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Oh si Sheila pun akan ambil pre-wedding photoshoot wif you Alvin? If yes, sa pun inda sabar ni mau tingu gambar2 durg nanti. Hehehe..

Chantek! Sa suka ni gambar2 semua ^_^ Keep up d good work!

Trinna said...

i love it!! unfortunately u r not available during my actual day..huhuhu

ALTing said...

Annie: hmmm... ada ka si Sheila minta pre-wed shoot tu aaa? But thanks very much anyways.. heheheheh...

Trinna: hey, thank you very much... it is very unfortunate that i am not available for your date... but still wishing you the best time of your life for your wedding.. :D

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Oh Im just guessing since she mentioned she x sabar her turn, I thought she's having theirs with you.. Heheh..

LJ said...

hola Vin

walaweh.. mantap! BLACKIE & WHITIE.. (^__^)
keep up Vin..

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