Sneak Preview: Kris & Nadia

Hey folks, so sorry for the long delay in updating the blog. Been quite busy lately. Anyways, here's a little snack to take the edge off from those wanting to see new photos. This is especially for Nadia. I know you're just bursting with anticipation to see the rest of your wedding photos.



Keep checking in cos I will be posting the photos from Kris and Nadia's wedding very soon. Till then. keep on coming back ya?


Annie said...

Wow.. Chantek~!!! Looks elegant..

Alvin, sa x sabar mau tingu more photos.. Haha!

*Terjeles sa kijap, macam sa mau kawin balik o0o.. LOL!

Mimi said...

Nice! Can't wait to see the rest!

LJ said...

hola Alvin...

fuuyoooo.. lawa o..
cant wait for d nx post

Deana E said...

pretty as always

Unknown said...

Wahaa... thanks very much guys! just stay tuned for the full reveal in the next couple of days :)

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