My first featuring!!

Hey guys! Guess what?? Remember my blog entry about the Nite of Souls? Well Joanna Funk, the blogmaster of Sabah Songs thinks that the photos I took of the event are cool and wanted to use them in her blog. How cool is that!! She even wrote an entry to introduce me to her blog readers. Joanna, you're a saint!!

For those of you not familiar with Sabah Songs, this blog is about the music development in Sabah as well as the people who are involved in improving, developing and working with the music scene in Sabah.

Go on guys, click on over to Sabah Songs and have a look at all its interesting contents. Some are real eye-openers! And since the blog entry will not be complete without at least one picture, here is a picture of three guys doing their own rendition of the three monkeys... LOL!!

L - R: Radzie, Joj and the fat monkey

Keelea Shaye: The Demon Hairdresser of Penampang

One day, the wifey decided to add some risk in her life and asked our niece, Keelea Shaye to play hairdresser with her own hair. Keelea squeeled with delight at the prospect actually getting her tiny little devil hands on someone's head full of hair - while still alive.. LOL!! Bad jokes aside, Keelea really had the time of her life playing dressup with her aunty's hair while she actually directs me on how and when to shoot!! Talk about a little primadonna... LOL!!


Hmm... the wifey has a very concerned look on her face...







So who's reckless daring enough to be Keelea's next client?? LOL!!

Portraiture: Models of Photography Workshop

Hi guys, in my previous entry I talked about the photography workshop that I assisted George Yong of Jofanna Bridal to conduct, "Are you ready, A Photographer's Workshop". Well, I mentioned that I managed to sneak a few shoots of the models for myself. I didn't really have that much flexibility in my angles since I was tasked to holding the monopod flash unit for the participants and George himself during the practical session. So the shots below are mostly shot one-handed with a 50mm prime lens. Did I mention that shooting one-handed with a DSLR while holding a monopod with an attached flash unit is harder than it seems?? LOL...

Talents: Destiny, Veron, Audrey, Lorraine and Bo Tiza
Wardrobe: Jofanna Bridal
Location: Jofanna Bridal, Millenium Commercial Centre - Penampang

Portraiture: Destiny

Portraiture: Destiny

Portraiture: Veron

Portraiture: Veron

Portraiture: Lorraine

Portraiture: Botiza
Bo Tiza

Portraiture: Audrey

Portraiture: Audrey

For all my readers, I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010!! Hope you will have a prosperous and productive year in 2010. As for me, I guess I'd better be getting down to sorting my new year's resolution... LOL!!

Workshop: Are you ready, A Photographer's Workshop

Last Sunday, I once again assisted George Yong of Jofanna Bridal with Radzie to conduct a workshop for avid and budding photographers. This time the workshop is called "Are You Ready, A Photographer's Workshop" and it covers all the basics of using a DSLR camera, basic techniques in executing a shot as well as some advanced techniques in lighting, posing a model and manual exposures. There were 15 participants altogether and all were treated to a whole day of fun and precious info that could help them to be better photographers. As a bonus treat, they get to apply the lessons they've learned on FIVE models during the practical session. Everybody learned a whole lot about photography, laughed, joked and did some awesome photography with the lovely models. Yup... good times...

Since Christmas is coming soon (Yay!!) Jofanna Bridal is decorated with Christmas-y decos. I took sometime to practice some detail shots while lazing having my break. And there is this awesome looking wedding dress on display with a very classic design. Love it!!



I know this is not Christmas-y but they have a whole bunch of these cats on the desk





Learning lighting techniques.


Outdoor practical session

George posing the model

Sharing knowledge on the outcome of his shoot

Radzie who is also assisting for the day

George getting down to dirty business

Group discussion on the session's outcome

George feels that everything has gone perfectly

Yup... we were strobe mad... the SB900 unit got over-heated.. LOL!!

And we are done for the day!!

I'll be posting some shots of the models that I've managed to sneak a shoot. It's not easy trying shoot while holding a monopod attached with a flash unit. I actually had to shoot a lot of this photos with one hand. Luckily, I was only using a 50mm lens with my camera so it was light and easy to handle even with only one hand... LOL! So stay tuned for the images of the models in my next posting.

Event: Nite of Soul

Event: Nite of Soul
Venue: Airport Steakhouse, Keningau
Date: 14 November 2009
Live Streaming by Sabahan.FM

Performing Artistes:
- Reek-A-Dawn
- Felix Agus
- Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas
- Roger Wang
- Moses and friends
- Teddy Chin
- DJ Azlan
- Alvin MY (Emcee)

Wifey bought tickets to Nite of Soul and got me to drag my ass all the way up to Keningau. I must admit, dragging my ass was worth it. The event was like a very close personal jamming session. I love how all the artistes were so relaxed and able to perform with full honesty. Most importantly, the artistes were really having fun doing their thang. I love all the performances. There're no clear favourites here. All of them were exceptionally good!! I guess it was because like I said, they were very relaxed so the artistes themselves were able to enjoy their performance as well. I hope more close and personal mini-concerts are held just like this. I really loved it. It's like a local version of MTV Unplugged or MTV Jam Sessions. Below are some photos of the event's highlights.

Nite of Soul
Richado of Reek-A-Dawn
Nite of Soul
Teddy Chin - saxophonist extraordinaire
Nite of Soul

Nite of Soul
Felix Agus performing unplugged
Nite of Soul

Nite of Soul
Jo-Anna really shined with her rendition of Michael Buble's "Home". Although she told the audience that she was having a little sore throat she really brought that song home (no pun intended - LOL!).

Nite of Soul

Nite of Soul

Nite of Soul
Roger Wang the guitar maestro. He rocked big time with Tommy Emmanuelle's "Initiation". He got all the effects of the piece spot on!!
Nite of Soul
Alvin MY also belted a few tunes besides being the emcee for the event.
Nite of Soul

Nite of Soul

Nite of Soul

Nite of Soul
The Official T-shirt of the event: Buli Ba Kalau Kau!!
Nite of Soul
Alvin MY, wifey and Dazeree