Workshop: Are you ready, A Photographer's Workshop

Last Sunday, I once again assisted George Yong of Jofanna Bridal with Radzie to conduct a workshop for avid and budding photographers. This time the workshop is called "Are You Ready, A Photographer's Workshop" and it covers all the basics of using a DSLR camera, basic techniques in executing a shot as well as some advanced techniques in lighting, posing a model and manual exposures. There were 15 participants altogether and all were treated to a whole day of fun and precious info that could help them to be better photographers. As a bonus treat, they get to apply the lessons they've learned on FIVE models during the practical session. Everybody learned a whole lot about photography, laughed, joked and did some awesome photography with the lovely models. Yup... good times...

Since Christmas is coming soon (Yay!!) Jofanna Bridal is decorated with Christmas-y decos. I took sometime to practice some detail shots while lazing having my break. And there is this awesome looking wedding dress on display with a very classic design. Love it!!



I know this is not Christmas-y but they have a whole bunch of these cats on the desk





Learning lighting techniques.


Outdoor practical session

George posing the model

Sharing knowledge on the outcome of his shoot

Radzie who is also assisting for the day

George getting down to dirty business

Group discussion on the session's outcome

George feels that everything has gone perfectly

Yup... we were strobe mad... the SB900 unit got over-heated.. LOL!!

And we are done for the day!!

I'll be posting some shots of the models that I've managed to sneak a shoot. It's not easy trying shoot while holding a monopod attached with a flash unit. I actually had to shoot a lot of this photos with one hand. Luckily, I was only using a 50mm lens with my camera so it was light and easy to handle even with only one hand... LOL! So stay tuned for the images of the models in my next posting.


pirut said...

well done to all of you there, brother! Great work you all have done! Keep up the Good Effort, Sabahan Photographer!

Unknown said...

thanks very much bro!! there is still so much potential in Sabah for photography, that is why workshops such as this is very important..

Kris and Nadia said...

Great pictures over here.. U knw wut, u make sumthing emmm.. mcm attractive, now i want that dress.. sya mau p jofanna bridal la ni pjm tu baju... :) hihi.. and i really mean it :) nanti sya pigi :)

Unknown said...

ya ka?? errr... kalau ko pigi, ko kestau diorang la yg ko nampak tu dress dari sini blog sia... hehehehe... mana tau sia dpt komisen ka bonus ka pasal tulung promosi... hwahahahahaaa... hope tu dress will be available for u...

Deana E said...

all around kk now i see so many ppl holding a dslr...syiok oh..

Unknown said...

well the price of an entry level dslr nowadays makes it more affordable for ppl to own one bah and since its digital the cost of taking photographs has also been lessened significantly... no more guess work in shooting.. kalau salah kasi delete sija gambar and do a retake... :)

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