Kuala Lumpur Weekend: The family affair

As I mentioned in the previous post, we were in KL early last month for my godson's First Holy COmmunion before we found out that the ceremony had to be postponed. So the whole family decided to make a weekend getaway of it. We went walkabout around Petaling Street, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and the family even gave me a belated birthday dinner!! Who's the happy boy then... LOL!! Below are some photos of the family mucking about in KL.
Waiting for the luggage at the airport terminal.

Baby sis Amanda met us at the airport.

Next morning, we went for a spot of breakfast at Petaling Street. Congee was the menu of the day.

Keelea looking happy with a full tummy.

Leanne + Sean

Big sis Leanne and her son Sean who is my godson.

KL Walkabout
Jalan - jalan at Petaling Street.

Buying flowers for mandi bunga.
Mum and I having a break from all the walkabout.
The wifey, big sis and her kids in front of Pavilion KL.
It was around Deepavali and Pavilion KL had a Kolam displayed all over their mall.
KL Walkabout
Early next morning (8.00am) wifey and I were already at Bukit Bintang. McDonald's practically saved our rumbling tummy since it was the only foodoutlet open that early on a Sunday morning.
KL Walkabout
We walked around Bintang Walk. Yup we're too early... it's empty.


Yes, the wifey lurves Pavilion KL very much

Then off for dinner at Marco Polo Restaurant.
Mum and dad deciding on the menu.
We're just happy having everyone is together.

Keelea is also in an especially good mood.

At last, food arrived and everyone dove straight in.
Marmite Prawn. Absolutely yummy. Unfortunately, I can't eat too much prawn.. sigh...
This is the *ahem* highlight of the dinner. MMmmmMMmmm...
Keelea enjoying her prawns. She especially loves to eat the head and she fondly calls them ice-cream. Sot...

The siblings together. Leanne, me and Amanda.

I had a real blast in KL and I spend a bomb on shopping especially on photo frames from IKEA. IKEA really drained me this time.. LOL!


Gallivanter said...

Hahahahahahaha! Emelda Tina! Hahahahahaha! Nama dia Emelda Vincent bah. Hahahahahaha!

Nasib baik blog indak ada Facebook function, kalau ada, lama sia sudah tag telur tu oh! Hahahaha! :-D

Unknown said...

alalalaaa... salah org punya nama... hahahah... sia akan tukar trus!!!

TaQuiLa said...

wow..baby sis amanda..long time no see her la :)

send regards kio..

chegu carol said...

Hahaha! I read this last night, sia pun tidak perasan nama si mel kena tetukar sama nama org lain....

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