Wedding: Kris + Nadia (Part 2)

1st May 2010
Mount Kinabalu Resort and Spa
Make-up: Kary Sia - House Of Hair & Beauty
Video: Chua


Hey folks! Here's the Part 2 posting of Kris and Nadia's wedding. It's a lunch reception held at the Mount Kinabalu Resort and Spa in Kundasang not too far from Ranau town. The Wifey and I woke real early for our trip up to the venue and boy was it worth it. We had this awesome view of Mount Kinabalu in the early dawn but sadly I didn't get to take a photo of it. (Yeah I know what you guys are saying.. A good photographer will always make sure to take the photo... well, boohooo... LOL!!)

Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a wedding reception, the air was cool and refreshing and the sunlight... ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS light!! It made my impromptu portrait session with the bride and groom a delightful experience and I just know I got some really good stuff from the shoot. Happiness is puurrdy light from the sun... Sigh... Go on... Have a look to see what I mean.


























I just wished that the Wifey and I could have stayed the night at the resort but it's just not meant to be.. Sad.. But at least we got some really purrddy pictures, yes?? Of course.. *Smiles*


Anonymous said...

Cantik lah vin, arrangement memang peh lawa babe. Sia suka sangat, your editing for me is very2 good ging.

Steve Benedict

LJ said...

hola Vin..

those last 3 shoots awesome!!
btw, still tu meja n kerusi yg sana atas sekali pun sexy ooo...

well done!!

Annie said...

Whoaa.. Gorgeous!

Nad, 1st time sa nampak kaki ko ni hahaha..

Yabah, best lighting dia sana, nampak sangat refreshing ;) I like the photo yang Nad & Kris duduk di kerusi tu. Hehe! Siok..

All photos are beautiful.. ^_^ Bravo to the photoG and his assistant!

amieyalen said...

Nadia looks very beautiful here... And nice photos!!!!!!

Bravo!!! =)

Kris and Nadia said...

Yeah :) thanks for the beautiful pictures :)

Annie- Aik, tu hari majlis akhir tahun bukan sya pakai skirt pindik ka? huahua.. ko ni :) hihi..

Sya pun suka la all the pictures :) thank you very much :) hihihi

Unknown said...

Steve: trima kasih byk2 ging...

LJ: thaks very much... meja sama kerusi pun buli jadi sexy ka?? hehehe...

Annie: waahahahah... tu juga yg kena comment right after ambik that shot... "Nampak kaki!!"..

Kris and Nadia said...

Hahaha... ya ba, mana yg satu lg yg nda nmpk kaki tu? tu mcm terebang sama2 gown..hahahaha :D

TaQuiLa said...

seriously..i want to cry to see those photos..

don't ask me why, but i just love the shots! there is real 'emotion' in those pix..

Great work mr&mrs alvin!

LJ said...

hola Vin..

mmg sexy ba tu meja n kerusi.. hihihihih

FNK said...

wah santik-santik semua gmbr ko ni ging...
semua sa suka hehe...

Unknown said...

Sheila: alalal... jan la sampai mau nangis.. mmg i like my photos to have emotive value bah... hehehee...

LJ: bah... mana2 ja bah ko... heheheh..

Fred: sangkio bos... heheh..

dreamChaser said...

i can see happiness shines in every pic :)

beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

HIHi I would like to engage you as our photographer in Oct. I can't find your contact details here in the website.

Can you pls email me Thanks so much

Kris and Nadia said...

Hhihi... i think everytime u post pictures in ur blog, betambah2 ko pya client kan :) thumbs up :) Thanks alot ya :)

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