Seeing things in Black and White

I am one of those people who just loves B+W photos or even sephia or anything in monotone. There is something classic about the way a photo looks in B+W provided it is shot properly and given proper treatment. In fact, most times, I tend to look at a scene in B+W before I start shooting just in case I want to convert it to B+W later. The monotone gives the photo a timeless feel and it really does help in creating a certain mood to the images. It helps to lessen the distractions of colours and makes our eyes focus on what needs to be observed in the images such forms, shapes, faces, emotions, etc. I wonder is there is anybody out there who would want the photos of their portrait session or even better wedding photos to be fully in B+W? You will be my favourite client!!! ;D

A row of luxury taxi parked at The Gardens Mall.

Self-portrait. Camera triggered by Marcus.

Girlie our dog being given a bath. Look at the face. It's pretty obvious she don't like her baths kan??

Anybody can guess where is this building, I will belanja makan Maggi Kari + telur... heheheheh...






Ashlin & Ashvin


CJane said...

I posted a long comment tadi, but I accidentally hit the Back button. Now everything's gone! UWAAAA!

Anyway, I was saying, I love sephia toned photos too. It has some kind of.. old, authentic and mysterious kind of feel.. at least to me lah.

By the way, gerigitan sia tinguk your photos oh. How I wish I have this skill! Nantilah if me and my Bunny jadi pindah balik KK, we'll definitely look you up to take our photos to hang in the house. Hehehe.. Bulih bah kan? :D

Unknown said...

of course buli!!! i'd be happy to!!

Mas Light said...

awsum! XD I like your profile pix XD

cicak said...

macam buli jadi signature ko oh tu mata begitu tu buss.

Unknown said...

yg mata macam mana gitew?

Gallivanter said...

Sia suka rainbow-toned photos, especially biar sia sudah mabuk...buli ka? :-P

Unknown said...

hahahahaa... mau rainbow toned photos misti tu photographer pun ikut mabuk tu....

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