Portraiture: Leonie, Callie & Florence

One day, I was called to D'Junction by a friend but he didn't really tell me why. I just went for the heck of it, cos when he is around usually there is something to shoot. Apparently, he called some really pretty ladies, mainly, BEAUTY QUEENS!! Unduk Ngadau bah!! A group of them came, but in the end only three of them stayed. We had lunch and talked. My friend suddenly told me, "Bah, apa lagi? Tidak mau gambar diorang? Bukan slalu ko dapat tiga unduk ngadau satu kali mau gambar.." I was a bit lost for words. First of all, I was totally unprepared for this and I'm not sure that the girls were up to it. But they were very relaxed about it and encouraged me to try and shoot. So I just whacked my flash unit to my camera, got the girls to pose near one of the windows for ambient lighting and clicked away. I also took some photos of them outside. This was a totally unplanned and casual portraiture shoot. Below are some of my faves from that day. (Click photos for larger view)

Filipine Jailhouse "Thriller" Remake

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with photography but I've been going through a sea of MJ tributes all over the internet since his untimely passing a couple of days ago. Many were real tear-jerkers and some were really hardcore. This video I found however, just really proves that MJ is truly universal not only by crossing boundaries but also through social divide between who we consider the "good people" and the "bad people".

The prisoners of a Filipino jailhouse re-created the Thriller dance sequence in honour of MJ and I must say they are really good and it touched me more than any of the other tributes that I've seen. But that 'pondan' character really cracks me up... ROFL!!!

Fharelynne: Red Series

Here's another installment of the Fharelynne series. She's looking sizzling hot in that red dress. Personally, I think this series is leaning more towards "glamour photography" due to the excellent poses that Fharelynne used for this set. Wooo... it's getting hot in here..!! Hope you'll enjoy viewing this set as much as I enjoyed producing it. (Click photos for larger view)

Portraiture: Joanna Sue Henley-Rampas

Earlier this year, I was privileged enough to be given the chance to join a group of photographers on photoshoot session with Joanna Sue Henley-Rampas. No doubt she is now the talk of the town as one of the finalists of Bintang RTM 2009. Let's all give her our full support during the final of BRTM 2009. In the mean time, you could also vote for her through SMS (Popularity Vote) by typing BRTM ANNA and send to 32776. Don't forget to watch her perform LIVE during the BRTM Finals on 28th JUNE 2009 on TV2. Go JOANNE!!!!

Family Portraiture: Deana & Family

When Deana contacted my wife, Chegu Carol to enquire whether I would be interested in doing a family portraiture for her and her family, I jumped at the chance. It was a most interesting experience!!! I've only met Deana only once, one week before the shoot, but I've never met the rest of the family before this with the exception of her sister, Faye and brother-in-law. When I met the whole family for the first time, everybody were just all smiles and friendly. This really makes the job a whole lot easier.. LOL!! As usual, there will always be one star in a group and that star here is Deana's two year old daughter, Sona. She is too cute and super hyper!!! Even a fast lens could not keep up with her :D. At the same time, it was also a celebration of Deana's dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle!!! What a day.. I will never forget this experience. Thank you very much Deana for granting me the opportunity to capture memories for your family. Below are some of my fave photos from the shoot. (Deana sabar aaaa.. the rest of the photos will be on their way to you soon.. LOL!!) To all the father's out there HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! (Click photos for larger view)

I just lurve this shot.. a definite fave of mine!!

Ok... suck it in guys... 1, 2, 3.. *click*...

They tried every trick in the book to get Sona to stop moving around too much... LOL!!!

Fharelynne: The Pink Series

This is the second installment in the Fharelynne portraiture series, The Pink Series. The location is still the same as from The Black Series. The only difference is that this series is localised more to using the culvert as the exclusive prop. Below are some of the faves from the series. (Click photos for larger view)

More of the Fharelynne Series to come... so keep visiting!! :D

Fharelynne: The White Series

I had the opportunity to shoot the beautiful Fharelynne Ivonne with a group of photographer friends. I bet if you look closely, those who are living in the Penampang area will immediately recognise the location of the shoot. It was a really hot day and the sun was blazing down but Fharelynne is such a trooper and never fail to smile or pose for us or even lie down on "lalang gatal" (kesian bah, gatal-gatal terus her belakang). I must give my sincerest appreciation to Fharelynne's professionalism. We had a lot of fun going in and out of the culvert. I even had half a mind to ask Fharelynne to climb on top of one but dismissed the idea cos I think it would be too dangerous for her. I divided this set to three FIVE series. This is the first of the series which is the White Series and here are some of my favourite shots. (Click photos for larger view)

Look out for the next two series in future postings.

Portraiture: Paula Olivia Imbayan

Paula is actually the first official portraiture shoot that I've ever done and there was group of us photographers during this session. This set was actually shot way back in February this year. Actually, it was shot on Valentine's Day. It was a very interesting first experience for me and I was not quite sure what I wanted from the shoot. In the end, I just went with the flow, Paula also went with the flow and we all had fun. I remember the feeling of excitement I felt right after coming home from the shoot. I couldn't wait to go over the photos to see the results. Below are some of my favourite shots from the session. Hope you'll enjoy them. (Click on the photos for a larger view)

The close-up shot.

Live-test: Raymond & Charleys' Reception

After Raymond and Charleys' wedding mass at St John Tuaran, we proceeded to Pekan Nabalu in Kundasang for their wedding reception. Since the house is on a hill, there are very limited parking spaces available. So we decided to park our rides near the kedai and walk up the hill.

So we walked, happily enjoying ourselves and looking forward to climbing the hill.

And we walked, some doing their best impression of "Sex and the City" Kundasang style.

Till we got to the climbing part. Ampus juga la panjat.

The simple yet elegant wedding cake.

Comparing angpow to give to the newlyweds.

Cake cutting ceremony

Dad: Mmmm... wine.. glug glug glug...
Mum: Eeeewww... wine...
Ray: Antam ja bah minum...

First sumazau dance as a married couple

That's all the photos I could share so far. Hope you guys enjoyed it.
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